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Name: Gentiana alpina
Distribution: C Pyrenees, S Spain ( Sierra Nevada), SW&WC Alps
Description: Perennials. Stolons 1 to few, short, slender. Leaves crowded into a rosette, sessile; leaf blades 8-15 x 6-8 mm, suborbicular to broadly obovate, apex rounded, rarely acute, vein 1 and indistinct. Flowers solitary, terminal, sessile. Calix 7-10 mm; lobes spreading, 3,5-5 x 2-3 mm, about 1/2 as long as tube, ovate-elliptic, apex acute and apicular, base narrowed. Corolla 30-40 mm, campanulate; lobes 8-10 mm wide, wider than long, suborbicular, apex obtuse, usually rounded, margin entire or denticulate, base narrowed; plicae slightly shorter than lobes, suborbicular.
Altitude: 2000-3200 m
Size: 4-6 cm
Color: blue, with pale yellow-green base, throat inside with green spots
Bloom: 6-9
Cultivation: calcifuge
Propagation: seeds and cuttings
Photo: Michele Jurietti; Val Cavargna (CO), 2200 m, Italy