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Name: Gentiana froelichii subsp. zenarii
Distribution: Carnic Pre-Alps (NE Italy)
Description: Perennial herb. Rhizome to 10 cm, thick 3-5 mm in diam., ascending to vertical. Basal leaves in 1-4 erect rosettes; leaf blades usually folded, narrowly elliptic to linear-lanceolate, apex obtuse, midvein distinct, base narrowed; petiole 1-2 cm, membranous, long connate. Stem leaves 1-3 pairs; leaf blades similar to rosette leaves but smaller; petiole completely connate. Flowers solitary, terminal, sessile. Calyx 12-14 mm, narrowly obconic; lobes 7,4-10,3 mm SPIRALLY TWISTED and recurved. Corolla 30-45 mm, tubular-campanulate to tubular; lobes 5-6 mm, ovate, apex acute; plicae 1,2-1,5 mm, triangular, apex acute, margin entire or erose.
Altitude: 1920 m
Size: 4-10 cm
Color: clear blue, unspotted
Bloom: 8-9
Cultivation: Limestone
Propagation: seeds
Photo: Adriano Bruna; Frisanco (PN), 2000 m, Italy