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Name: Gentiana brentae
Distribution: Italia, provincia di Trento, comune di Ragoli, Gruppo di Brenta, ripiano subito a W del Rif. Alimonta
Description: Perennial herb. Stolons sympodially, few to many, short, slender. Stems ascending to erect, slender, simple; flowering stems arising singly from stolons, often creeping and rooting at lower nodes. Leaves densely crowded but not rosetted, usually imbricate, sessile; leaf blades (2-)3-4(-8) mm × (1-)2.5-3(-4.5) mm, with maximum width in the middle, somewhat rhomboid, apex rounded, margin papillose and cartilaginous, with a single vein, glaucous, matt, c. 0.7 mm thick, transversal section V-shaped (angle c. 110°), keeled on lower side (see Table 1); cauline leaves in 7-10 pairs. Flowers solitary, terminal, sessile to subsessile. Calyx (7-)10-14(-17) mm, with very narrow wings on the midrib of the lobes and continued to the tube; tube somewhat funnel- shaped, c. 3-4 mm wide, blackish blue; lobes 4-6 mm, lanceolate, apex acuminate, suberect and somewhat incurved. Corolla hypocrateriform, 17-20 mm, dark blue; tube always dark blue, 1.3-2× longer than calyx; lobes spreading, 5-10 mm, ovate, apex rounded, margin entire to slightly erose; plicae 1.5-2.5 mm, 2-cleft. Stamens inserted at 2/3 from the base of the corolla tube; filaments 1.5-2.5 mm, linear; anthers free, 1.5-2 mm. Style c. 4 mm, linear; stigma lobes contiguous, reniform, 1.5-2 mm in diameter, margin lacerulate. Capsule 15-25 mm, cylindrical, narrowed to the base. Seeds 0.8-1.1 mm, ellipsoid, brown to dark brown, reticulate, unwinged.
Altitude: 2540m
Size: 3-5(-7) cm
Color: dark blue
Bloom: 7-9
Cultivation: The soil is generally stony but with a high fraction of fine particles and generally moist.
Propagation: seeds and cuttings
Photo: Filippo Prosser; Passo di Bondolo (BS), 2300 m, Brescia, Italy