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Name: Gentiana serra
Synonyms: Gentiana pulchra
Distribution: NW Yunnan
Description: Annual. Stems ascending to erect, branched with spreading branches, angled, scabrous to papillate along angles. Basal leaves withered at anthesis. Stem leaves widely spaced; leaf blade ovate to cordate, 6-10 × 4-8 mm, shorter than internodes, abaxially scabrous on veins, base rounded to cordate, margin serrulate and ciliolate, apex acute, veins 3. Flowers terminal, solitary, sessile. Calyx tube narrowly obconic, 8-10 mm, membranous, winged, minutely hispid along wings; lobes subulate to linear, 4-5 mm, margin ciliolate, apex acuminate, midvein minutely hispid outside, keeled, and decurrent into wings of calyx tube. Corolla blue-purple, tubular to tubular-funnelform, 2.5-3 cm; lobes ovate, 5-7 mm, margin entire, apex obtuse; plicae oblong, 2-4 mm, margin denticulate, apex rounded. Stamens inserted at basal part of corolla tube, unequal; filaments 6-12 mm; anthers ellipsoid, 1.5-2 mm. Style 1-1.2 cm; stigma lobes linear. Capsules ellipsoid, 1.2-1.5 cm; gynophore 5-7 mm. Seeds brown, ellipsoid, 1-1.5 mm
Altitude: 2400-4400 m
Size: 15-40 cm
Color: blue-purple
Bloom: 9-10
Cultivation: Meadows, forest margins, forests
Propagation: seeds
Photo: Dieter Zschummel, Yunnan