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Name: Gentiana erecto-sepala
Synonyms: Gentiana handeliana ssp. erecto-sepala
Distribution: Alpine Meadows, China, SE Xizang
Description: Perennials. Rhizome short, thick, horizontal to vertical. Stems 2-6, erect, usually apically tinged purple, glabrous. Basal leaves in 1-4 erect rosettes; leaf blades 3-6,5 x 0,6-1,4 cm, oblong to spathulate, apex obtuse to rounded, veins 3 and distinct, basse narrowed; petiole 2-4 cm, membranous, long connate. Stem leaves 2-4 pairs; leaf blades 2-4,5 x 0,5-0,7 cm narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate, apex obtuse, veins 1-3 and distinct, base narrowed; petiole to 1 cm, shorter to absent toward stem apex. Calix 15-18 mm, obconic, tube not split; lobes erect, 3,5-7mm, linear to linear-lanceolate, margin ciliolate. Corolla 25-28mm, obconic; lobes 3-3,5 mm, ovate, apex rounded, margin erose; plicae very short, obliquely truncate, margin erose.
Altitude: 3600-4600 m
Size: 8-20 cm
Color: pale yellow with blue stripes and streaks
Bloom: 6-10
Propagation: seeds, cuttings
Photo: Mojmir Pavelka; China, Sichuan, Heizi Shan, 4700m