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Name: Gentiana altorum 'Alba'
Synonyms: Gentiana veitchiorum var. altorum
Distribution: Meadow slopes, W Sichuan, SE Xizang
Description: Perennials. Stems ascending, simple, with several shoots not flowering, glabrous. Basal rosette leaves poorly developed; leaf blade lanceolate, 5-10 × 2.5-4 mm, base connate for 2-4 mm, margin smooth or scabrous, apex acuminate, midvein distinct. Stem leaves larger toward apex, uppermost surrounding calyx; leaf blade narrowly elliptic to elliptic, 5-8(-13) × 2.5-4 mm, base obtuse and connate for 2-3 mm, margin smooth or scabrous, apex acute to obtuse, midvein distinct. Flowers terminal, solitary, sessile, 5-merous. Calyx tube narrowly obconic, 7-11 mm; lobes green, equal, narrowly elliptic to elliptic, 5-7 mm, base slightly narrowed, margin smooth or scabrous, apex obtuse, midvein distinct. Corolla pale blue, with pale yellow base and dark blue streaks, sometimes with dark blue spots, funnelform, 3-4.5 cm; lobes ovate, 4-6 mm, margin entire, apex acute to obtuse; plicae broadly ovate, 2-2.5 mm, margin denticulate, apex obtuse.
Altitude: 3700-4200 m
Size: 4-7 cm
Color: white
Bloom: 8-9
Propagation: seeds, cuttings
Photo: Mojmir Pavelka; China, Sichuan, Heizi Shan, 4800m